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Features List

■ Easy mouse over discription
■ Wikipedia discription
■ Easy toggle of shading
■ Dynamic Lighting
■ Muscle indexing
■ Physiological Morph
■ Help button
■ Locomotion mode
■ Turn Table
■ Orbiting Camera
■ Mirror flip
■ Many more....

Physical Products

ecorche foot

Human Foot for artists.

human skull

Human Skull for artists.

ecorche foot

Human Ecorche Head for artists

ecorche foot

Ecorche Female Torso

Digital Products


3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male)

Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Female)

3D Virtual Hand Studio

3D Facial X-presions Studio

3D Virtual Human Anatomy Studio



3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio/Human Anatomy - Review

3D VFDS Male Reviewed In CGChannel. Read all about it!



3D VHAS (Virtual Human Anatomy Studio)
3DVirtual Human Anatomy Studio

3D Facial X-pression Studio

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■ Developer: Cloudstars®2008
■ Release Date: Q1 2008
■ Version:0.9.1
■Minimum System Requirements Software :Win98, WinMe, Win2000, WinXP, Win Vista , DirectX8.1 and above installed Hardware : P II 300MHZ, 64MB RAM and all 3D accelerator cards

window vista compatible

What is 3D Virtual Human Anatomy Studio :

Have you ever needed to study, paint, sketch, or otherwise reproduce accurate representations of human anatomy?

3D Virtual Human Anatomy Studio is a highly-detailed and accurate human anatomy reference application. In a rich, accessible 3D environment, 3DVHAS reveals both superficial and deep muscles, tendons, and bones.

All of the expensive anatomy books in the world can't paint a complete picture of the complexities of the human body. In fact, the most difficult aspect of learning anatomy is attempting to piece together a functional 3D mental picture based on the array of 2D images typically available. But even Gray's Anatomy will make perfect sense after a quick cross-reference with 3D Virtual Human Anatomy Studio!


Who uses 3D Virtual Human Anatomy Studio :

Artists : Sculptors, Comic Artist, CG Artist, Fine Artists. Anatomy is the structural foundation, the basis of what make every physical characters believable, be it cartoons or sci-fi monsters! Having a strong grounding in the fundamental of human form and anatomy , separates you from the rest.

Sports : Dancers, Pilate's, Bodybuilders, Athletes of all level, medical students etc. The ability to truly visualize and understand the key muscles during movement and to feel the kinesthetic of your own body is very important. It is there for important for each individual to understand their bodies, to help work at their optimum performance and most of all to avoid injury. . After all the body is the instrument of your success.


3D Virtual Human Anatomy Studio lets you:

  • Quickly access in-depth Wikipedia descriptions of any body part.
  • Toggle shading amount.
  • Utilize dynamic lighting.
  • Utilize a powerful physiological morph feature to alter gender, body type, and muscle size/density.
  • View a body part in locomotion mode.
  • Position and reposition an orbiting camera.
  • Mirror flip any view.


Some links to ReyBustos anatomical works.A thorough knowledge of the human anatomy is essential.

Rey BustosRey BustosRey BustosRey BustosRey BustosRey BustosRey Bustos

User Testimony.


I always had problems with drawing convincing characters. I donwloaded 3D VHAS with a scepticle mind. However I was delighted how useful it turned out to be. It opened a new window of how I learn the human anatomy . It's much easier then refering to flat pictures from books. My drawings have improved alot and my lecturers were very impressed with how much I had improved in my figure drawing classes!. I want to thank Cloudstars and their good work they have put into 3DVHAS.

CECILIA CESERN , Australia. Art Student


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