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■ Free Shipment to any country
■ First Generation Cast
■ Small and convenient
■ Highly accurate and detailed
■ High grade durable P.U Resin

Physical Products

ecorche foot

Human Ecorche Head for artists.

ecorche foot

Human Foot for artists.

ecorche foot

Ecorche Female Torso

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3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male)

Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Female)

3D Virtual Hand Studio

3D Facial X-presions Studio



3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio/Human Anatomy - Review

3D VFDS Male Reviewed In CGChannel. Read all about it!



Artist Anatomy : Human Skull
Skull : Ecorche series

ecorche foot

ecorche foot

Product : Ivory White
Product : Mid -Grey

■ Highly Detailed Human Skull
■3 inches high
■ Ivory White
■ High quality Polyurethane Resin
■ Suitable for both Professional and Aspiring Artist
■ Comes with FREE Display Case

ecorche foot display case

■ Highly Detailed Human Skull
■3 inches high
■ Mid Grey
■ High quality Polyurethane Resin
■ Suitable for both Professional and Aspiring Artist
■ Comes with FREE Display case

ecorche foot display case

US $49.00 + shipping & handling US $69.00 + shipping & handling
AVAILABILITY : Now only FREE with ' Special Bundle '

Currently only available as a FREE complimentary gift with every ' SPECIAL BUNDLE ' purchase. Limited sets only.

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ecorche foot 01ecorche foot 02

Highly-detailed and accurate desktop display of a human skull , ideal for study and referencey purposes.

Perfect for learning and teaching of all levels. Great for anatomy study ,reference for drawing , sculpting, 3D modeling and concept art work.

Ideal for Painters, Sculptors, 3D Modelers and Concept Artists. . Anatomy is the structural foundation, the basis of what make every physical characters believable, be it cartoons or sci-fi monsters. Having a strong grounding in the fundamental of human form and anatomy is what separates you from the rest.


Explaining the proportions of the human head * Artistic anatomy theory *

Drawing a human skull. Just paper and pencil



Some links to ReyBustos anatomical works.A thorough knowledge of the human anatomy is essential.
Rey BustosRey BustosRey BustosRey BustosRey BustosRey BustosRey Bustos


Customer Testimony.


Very useful and handy. I like the fact that it's small and compact and I can bring it to school and to the lab with ease and it has helped me tremendously in my weakest skill that is drawing the human foot!. I never knew what's underneath the skin prior but now I can draw with confidence! Looking forward to your other wonderful sculpts!

FIONA CHAN, New York . Art Student


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