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Features List

Animated Motion Blending
True realtime reflection
Custom panel
■ Alarm Clock
■ Many more....

Physical Products

ecorche foot

Human Foot for artists.

human skull

Human Skull for artists.

ecorche foot

Human Ecorche Head for artists

ecorche female torso

Ecorche Female Torso

Digital Products


3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male)

Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Female)

3D Virtual Hand Studio

3D Facial X-presions Studio

3D Virtual Human Anatomy Studio



3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio/Human Anatomy - Review

3D VFDS Male Reviewed In CGChannel. Read all about it!


3D Angry Man

3D Angry Man
3D Angry Man

3D Angry Man




■ Developer: Cloudstars®2008
■ Release Date: Q1 2008
■ Version: 1.07
■Minimum System Requirements Software :Win98, WinMe, Win2000, WinXP, DirectX8.1 and above installed Hardware : P II 300MHZ, 64MB RAM and all 3D accelerator cards

window vista compatible


3D AngryMan is state of the art 3D technology build in with true real time reflection and customisable Motion Blending engine.Customise and save it as your default screen savers setting. Watch AngryMan get's really angry on your Monitor!.IF-- you like larger than life 3D Animated character, 3D AngryMan is for you. Place him on your desktop. Watch him get angry and really angry!3D AngryMan comes with a fully customisable 'custom panel'.First of it's kind Animated Motion Blending and true realtime reflection engine . Blend his motion between 4 presetted animated motions, stop at any blended motion that you prefer and save the settings, or choose auto random still poses . Each time Angry Man starts, it will load your last saved settings as default for either the motion blend or the auto random static Poses...Close to 200 variation of static poses and many more other options and features.

3D AngryMan Custom Panel Ver1.0
1: To adjust fog and background color
2: To adjust body suit color.Mix and match between the 3 colours.Red,blue and green.
3: Click on 'Fwd' and 'Back' button to choose between 'Motion Blend' feature or 'Auto' for your screensaver.. Motion Blend will open up an interface15 once selected and allow you to blend 4 presetted motion between each other through sliders. You can save the blended motion at any time by pressing the 'Save Settings' button and your screensaver will load the presaved motion . Auto will load more then 300 random still poses each time your screensaver starts. This is to ensure the user of not seing the same thing twice.
4: To pick between 4 screen aspect formats.
5: To show reflection on or off.
6: To show Digital clock on or off.
7: To show system's framerate on or off.
8: To stop or start the AngryMan auto rotating/spinning
9: To adjust Volume of Ambient sound.
10: HIT SPACEBAR to stop alarm when it goes off. You will hear a cock crow as the default alarm. for version 1.0
11: click and check to Arm alarm clock.
12: To set the Hour of the alram clock.Place cursor on the red dot and hold down the left mouse button. Do not let go and move the mouse up or down.
13: To set the Minutef the alram clock.Place cursor on the red dot and hold down the left mouse button. Do not let go and move the mouse up or down.
14: Click on the logo to visit or to Register.
15: To Motion Blend between the 4 motions, drage each of the 3 sliders to mix a motion blend to your liking. Remember to Click 'SaveSettings' button 18 in order for the screensaver to load ur blended motion.
16: To adjust speed of motion .Click on slider and drag up or down. Down is slowest, up is fastest.
17: Click on the White Tab to move the Custome Panel around screen..
18: Save Setting button will save all the current settings of the Custome Panel and will load the settings each time the Screensaver starts.



“ This is a great program! I saw the demo version on the cover disc of Digit magazine #79 and thought it might well be worth the money...I was right!!
Thanks again! I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future...
(Randy Mohr Washington USA)


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